Settlement for external business partners and test subjects

An electronic form in the system REEX is used to settle expenses for people who are not liable to pay tax in Denmark. Through your login you will automatically have access to the part of the system that you need.

RejsUd is used to settle expenses for people who are liable to pay tax in Denmark. A RejsUd profile is created by using this form. After submitting the form the profile is created within 3 days, whereafter you can settle expenses on behalf of the person.

Please note that people from Greenland and the Faroe Islands are obliged to pay Danish tax on any fees, which is why the fees must be settled through our Salary department (AU Løn). Reimbursement of expenses is tax-exempt and must be settled via REEX.

REEX pixie guides

  • Pixie nr. 1 - Introduction to Summer University
    The form is used by the teachers at the Summer University.
  • Pixie nr. 2 - Introduction til foreign assessors in assessment committees
    The form is for assessors who have participated in an assessment committee in connection with an employment at AU.
  • Pixie nr. 3 - Introduction to other foreign partners
    The form is used in connection with the settlement of expenses for other invited foreign partners, for example guest lecturers, lecturers, fieldwork and so on.
  • Pixie nr. 4 - Introduction to the administration module, controlling and accounting
    The guide is targeted Travel Expense Accounts, Finance at the faculties and department secretaries.