Change place no. in RejsUd/CWT


User Data
Former place of work
New place of work
New User Rights

The following rights are to be granted:

Notification on Profile Request

Submitting the form with the role Secretary or Approver for the user requires that the submitter has a power of attorney to sign for revenue or costs at the location code (stedkode) or list a colleague, who has this type of power of attorney for the location code. If a colleague is listed, a notification of this request and the submitted information is sent to him/her.

The Approver role requires that the user also has a power of attorney to sign for revenue or costs at the location code.

The role Travellers do not require a power of attorney from either party.

Please note that a receipt will only be sent, if an official AU email address has been entered.

If the submitter does not have a power of attorney to the location code, please enter the name and email address of a colleague with a power of attorney (does not apply to the role Travellers )

Credit card

If you have an AU credit card, you must either provide information about the change of location code or close the credit card via the digitised process at

Submit Request

Please note

that settlements and any credit card transactions must be processed at your previous location code in RejsUd before you send your request.

If you have an AU credit card and wish to keep it, now is a good time to request a change. See link under Credit card.