Taxation of travel expenses

When you travel in connection with your work, you may have a number of expenses. Whether the expenses are covered by AU depends on the purpose and type of expense, and whether a commitment has been made to the expense.

Here it is important to mention that all expenses financed and mediated by AU, both ordinary and external funds, must comply with AU's rules for business trips, purchases of goods and catering (even if there is approval from an external grant, they must comply AU's rules).

On this page you will find answers to questions that may arise in connection with expenses you have on your trip. If you do not find a useful answer, please contact the Travel Expense Accounts.

Purchase of goods

If AU paid for the goods or items, it is AU's property, and must subsequently be stored at AU.

Taxable expenses that can be covered/reimbursed

Mileage allowance and hourly and daily allowances are taxable if you are not employed by AU.

If you want a clarification of the tax matters, you must contact SKAT, who makes the final interpretation of the rules.

Unforeseen expenses

If you have unforeseen expenses you must always:

  • Find out if the grant (grant holder) will cover the expense or ak your projectcontroller
  • Find out if AU has a legal basis to cover the expense – check the travel policy at AU
  • For clarification of whether AU can cover the cost contact Travel Expense Accounts by email:
  • For official trips longer than 28 days you can read more here.