Senior´s clubs

The seniors’ club NESTOR (in Danish) at Aarhus University is an association for former, now retired, employees from Aarhus University as well as for employees having reached the age of 60.

  • Objects clause: “To offer an opportunity to maintain contact with the former workplace through lectures, discussion meetings and get-togethers etc.”.

The club were established in 2005 and is still developing. NESTOR’s activities up till now and its future activities are described here on the website, which also contains by-laws etc. for the association.

The annual membership fee has been set at the amount of DKK 100, and participants are therefore required to pay for their own food and drinks, admission etc. in connection with an event.

If at all possible, activities under NESTOR’s auspices will be scheduled to take place after 4 pm to ensure that working members also have the chance to participate.

Senior employees have the opportunity to make use of the holiday fund facilities.

NESTOR’s members may become members of the Exercise Centre at Aarhus University (FMAU).

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