SurveyXact is a programme for creating and managing surveys and allows you to set up and process questionnaires. 

How do I get access to SurveyXact?


  • License regulations: All employees and students at Aarhus University
  • Gain access via Choose Aarhus University and sign in with your AU ID and password
  • You can also gain access to SurveyXact from home

How to install:

  • No installation is required. You will find the program and its content through your browser.
  • If you have never used SurveyXact before, you need to accept a digital certificate.
  • Use SmartDesigner to design questionnaires. There are two versions:
    • SmartDesigner (when choosing SmartDesigner, a little Java program will automatically be installed).
    • AdvancedDesigner

Am I allowed to use SurveyXact privately?

  • Yes

Where do I find guides and information about SurveyXact?

Get started:

  • The first time you sign in to SurveyXact, an area will be created for you.
  • This area belongs to you, and as a rule others won’t be able to access it.

Manuals and courses:

  • Make enquiry in SurveyXact to borrow a manual.
  • Make enquiry in SurveyXact to follow a course.

Find more information here: (in Danish only)