How to order server capacity

If you, as an employee, have a special need in relation to server capacity, you can place an IT service order.

AU IT will generally establish all new IT solutions and services in the cloud which is a generic term for delivery of software and IT services via the internet. This is a necessary consequence of the increasing amount of data and the rapidly increasing number of IT solutions following the digitisation of research, education, public sector consultancy and administration.

Please note that the costs related to the cloud service must be paid by individual system owner in future.

How to order

Contact your local IT support team if you have a special need for server capacity. 

In collaboration with AU IT, the local IT support team can help clarify whether the need can be covered by existing services offered by AU IT’s cloud supplier, so you do not have to buy special systems which must be maintained by external suppliers.
By using AU IT’s agreement, you also ensure compliance with the tender rules and basic IT security requirements. 

When the local IT support team and AU IT have received the relevant information, AU IT can help you:

  • set up the cloud solution.
  • ensure the right dimensioning of the system to avoid paying more for capacity that you do not need.
  • ensure that a system owner is appointed for the IT solution which is established in AU’s cloud.
  • determine, when establishing the solution, how critical the system is to AU, and how availability, integrity and confidentiality in connection with data must be handled.
  • give controlled access to external suppliers who are going to install the system which you are going to use. 

User fees for IT services

In future, members of staff with special IT service needs must pay the costs themselves. This means that AU IT will forward the invoice for the service to the system owner. The price of cloud services depends on the level of use.  It is possible for AU IT to put a limit on the costs to ensure that the individual employee does not suddenly have to pay an unexpected bill. 

To limit the level of administration in connection with payment by the system owner, the amount will be transferred on a monthly basis from the system owner to AU IT.

In particular in connection with large IT solutions

The operation costs for large IT solutions, for example purchases in connection with IT projects, must be paid by the system owner as usual. In practice, this means that the system owner will receive the bill directly from the external supplier. If the solution is run via AU’s cloud solution, the system owner will pay for the use.

Cloud solution requirements

In order for AU to comply with the IT security rules, in future, server-based IT solutions must run on approved infrastructure platforms which in practice means that the solutions must be established either with the cloud suppliers (Microsoft cloud Azure and Amazons AWS-cloud), which AU has entered into agreements with, or in exceptional cases in AU IT’s infrastructure. An assessment from AU’s IT organisation is also required. AU IT and the local IT support team will perform the assessment. 

Read more in AU’s handbook for system owners (in Danish). 

Cloud advantages

The advantage of using cloud solutions instead of AU’s own infrastructure is that it is a faster and more agile process for AU IT to establish new IT solutions for the employees who need them. Cloud solutions are also more reliable and cost less. 

Employees also get access to the many available IT services via the Microsoft cloud Azure and Amazon AWS-cloud platforms. New platform services are continuously developed. 

Service examples

  • Database services
    • MySQL/MariaDB
    • MSSQL
    • NoSQL
  • Containers
    • E.g. Docker
  • Virtual machines
    • Windows and Linux
  • Web applications

There are a number of other services which are not included in the list above. This is why it is important that you inform us about your needs when you contact your local IT support team. In this way, we can find the best solution for you.