IT self-service portal

As an employee you have the option of self-service in some areas through the IT self-service portal. In this way, you can use different services without having to contact IT support. The portal enables you to order a number of free programs and use services associated with specific administrative roles and functions.

On the IT self-service portal you can:

  • Administrate groups in Danmarks miljøportal or Prepare, if you have the administrative role
  • Administrate extension of access to consultants and changing their email address, mobile phone number (in relation to SMS to log on to VPN) and changing password, if you have the administrativ the role
  • Administrate shared user accounts - for example on shared computers - if you are the owner of a shared user account

You may be asked for your name and password. Then please enter your user name: au<AU ID> (e.g. and enter your password.