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Get inspiration for your work with external funding from researchers and others with experience in funding

2021.02.09 | Forskningsstøtte


When the final call texts are on the EU portal, most of the strong consortia have already been established. If you want to be part of a Horizon Europe coordinator application, you have to read the draft work programmes and start forming a consortium as early as possible. As Professor Jacob Carstensen from Bioscience says: 'The mating dance starts with the first draft programme'.

2020.11.23 | Forskningsstøtte


Applying for external funding may be easier if you have a funding strategy. If you just apply ad hoc, there is a certain probability that: • you will start late • you will apply slightly randomly and in several different directions within your field of research. The problem with this approach is that you rarely manage to establish a clear profile, a strong CV and sufficient publications within

2020.09.17 | Forskningsstøtte


Strong collaboration over many years, a thoroughly thought out project, and not least 110 percent preparation for the interview resulted in a Synergy Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) for Professor Alexandre Anesio from Aarhus University, Professor Martin Tranter from the University of Bristol and Professor Liane Benning from GFZ Potsdam.

2020.01.29 | Forskningsstøtte

Expert help and review processes – some of the routes to more funding at BSS

Vice-dean Per Baltzer Overgaard believes that politicians will not be giving more money to research in the future. So the route to retaining, and hopefully improving, the level of research at the School of Business and Social Sciences (BSS) is more external funding. For this reason, BSS has hired two associated deans and introduced review processes for applications.

2019.10.21 | Forskningsstøtte

Better organisation and more support = more external funding

Since 2011, ARTS has increased its external funding significantly. “Among other things, this has been through new organisation of research, and by appointing research consultants. In addition to more funding for the faculty, this has also resulted in more openness and better processes at the departments as well as many more young research talents,” explains Anne Marie Pahuus, vicedean at the facul

2019.07.02 | Forskningsstøtte

Health Research Committee: From strategy to action

A new research committee at Health will enhance external funding, interdisciplinary research collaboration and recruitment of the best researchers. This calls for dialogue and action, and a forum that brings together all the departments, the Dean's Office and the Research Support Office, according to Ole Steen Nielsen, vice-dean for research at Health.

2019.02.25 | Forskningsstøtte

Persistence won a grant of DKK 9.4 million

Determination and faith in her idea were the drivers for associate professor Lisbeth Frostholm when she re-applied to Innovation Fund Denmark after two refusals - and the effort was not wasted. In 2018, she and Marianne Rosendal (a specialist in general medicine from the University of Southern Denmark) received a grant of DKK 9.4 million from Innovation Fund Denmark, plus DKK 1.1 million from Tryg

2019.02.25 | Forskningsstøtte

The COST network broke the ice with European colleagues

Pernille Klarskov applied for and was offered a place in a COST network, and that was how she found new colleagues in the EU. After three years of postdoc studies in the USA, Pernille Klarskov Pedersen did not have a European network when she started as an assistant professor at Aarhus University. Now she is on the board of a COST network and has made many new contacts and met potential partners

2018.10.01 | Forskningsstøtte

Public impact is the path to private donations

Professor Jacob Sherson has received a donation from an American private trust: to begin with USD 500,000 to fund the application of his research method to teaching materials. Public impact is absolutely central for private donors, who are also willing to take risks and support research which challenges the accepted paradigms.

2018.10.01 | Forskningsstøtte

Get strategic and take your grant applications to the next level

Over the years, Professor Charlotte Ulrikka Rask has written a lot of grant applications, and she’s been awarded funding a number of times. But an advisory process with the Research Support Office in connection with a major application has helped her rethink her approach to grant applications, including how to communicate her research idea clearly and convincingly. What’s more, her research unit n