Library Committee, Faculty of Arts

The Library Committee at the Faculty of Arts supports collaboration between the faculty and the Royal Library with a view to ensuring excellent links between the two bodies, as well as developing the library’s operations and level of service. 

The committee advises the faculty management team in matters pertaining to the Royal Library, helping to keep the management well informed about the level of service at the faculty’s lending facilities – and about any challenges and needs arising in the faculty’s subject environments. The committee also performs the role of sparring partner for the faculty management team in connection with all the agreements reached with the Royal Library. 

The Library Committee consists of a vice-dean from the faculty; the manager of the faculty’s administration centre; and academic staff and students from the School of Communication and Culture, the School of Culture and Society and the Danish School of Education.

Members of the Library Committee, Faculty of Arts 


  • Kathrine Holm Pedersen, School of Culture and Society 
  • Jonathan Sebastian Rossen, Danish School of Education, Aarhus
  • Vacant, School of Communication and Culture