The Advisory Board replaces Sandbjerg Estate with New York, Dublin and Oxford

On Monday, May 18, the faculty management experienced that Arts' Advisory Board members could easily provide useful advice and recommendations for both the faculty’s and the departmemt’s strategies digitally.

Picturesque Sandbjerg was replaced with posters and bookshelves in New York, Dublin and Oxford when the Arts Advisory Board met to discuss proposals for the Faculty of Arts and the three institute strategies.

There were 14 well-prepared Advisory Board members who appeared on the screen on Monday morning, May 18, 2020, with excellent external inputs on what makes the Faculty of Arts and the three departments unique and what the faculty as a whole could focus on in the years to come, in areas such as digitalisation, global challenges and external collaborations and engagements.

Monday's meeting was scheduled to take place on Sandbjerg Estate's May 18 and 19, 2020, but was conducted digitally to ensure that Advisory Board's views on faculty and department strategies could now be incorporated into the strategy drafts that have just been in consultation.

The strategies are expected to be completed by June 2020.

About the Faculty of Arts' Advisory Board

The Advisory Board advises the dean and faculty management in a number of areas, such as faculty strategies and action plans in relation to research, education, talent development, societal engagement and internationalization.

The members of the Faculty Advisory Board are representatives of key stakeholders.