New guidelines for course and exam planning at Arts

Just before the summer holidays, the faculty management team unanimously approved the new guidelines for the planning of courses and exams at Arts.

Foundation for course and exam planning

The guidelines have been drawn up by the steering committee for course planning together with Arts Studies Administration, academic staff, heads of department, directors of studies, the dean’s secretariat and the faculty management team. Prior to the faculty management team’s final approval, the steering committee facilitated a comprehensive consultation process across the faculty in spring 2023, during which comments and suggestions from the school management teams and LSU, degree programme boards and boards of studies as well as FAMU/FSU were invited. In addition, a few departments chose to comment separately.

The steering committee has formulated the guidelines based on the need to balance, on the one hand, the need for harmonisation in order to solve a very large and complex task and, on the other hand, the goal of ensuring maximum flexibility in relation to the planning and staffing of the individual departments. The organisation and the division of roles and responsibilities in the collaboration between the departments and the studies administration has also been described.

Focus on processes and gathering experience

There will still be a need for us at the faculty to regularly discuss the extent to which we comply with the agreed processes, but also, to an equally high degree, whether we have implemented the right processes. The faculty management team has therefore established a process owner function to ensure the implementation and maintenance of the collaboration on the guidelines.

So in the coming years, there will be a special focus on developing the ongoing gathering of experience based on the underlying premises and guidelines. The evaluation is anchored with the process owner in the faculty management team. Furthermore, work has been done to organise the collaboration between the process owner and the studies administration. The general guidelines have been drawn up for a period of three years, while the underlying processes are evaluated on an ongoing basis and may change from year to year.

Continuous improvement of the collaboration across the faculty

The steering committee has made every effort to ensure a balanced follow-up in relation to the various focus areas identified by Implement. In addition to technical system support for the processes, there is still some work to be done in terms of further developing the division of tasks and collaborative relationships across Arts Studies Administration and the schools. This work will be assigned to the process owner and will be a focus area at the ongoing evaluation meetings.

Maja Horst

Dean, Faculty of Arts