Exploratory discussions about internal organisation

Faculty management team invites exploratory discussions about potential changes in internal organisation at the faculty

On 4 March the faculty management team invited for exploratory discussions about strengthening the internal organisation of the faculty.

The memo for discussion distributed on 4 March can be seen here.

The plan is that these discussions should start on 4 March and end on 4 May 2021, which is the deadline for submitting written input to the faculty management team. Before the summer holiday, the faculty management team will decide what the next steps should be.


4 March: Discussions are launched
4 May: Deadline for submitting input to the faculty management team
June: Faculty management team decides on next steps

At faculty level, the issue will be discussed at the following ordinary meetings:
18 March or an extra meeting: Faculty Liaison Committee/Faculty Health and Safety Committee
22 March or 27 April: Forum for education
27 April: Academic Council
3 May: PhD committee

The details have been distributed to: 
Schools: School management teams, school forums, departments, liaison/health and safety committees, boards of studies, degree programme boards and research committees
Academic Council
Faculty Health and Safety Committee/Faculty Liaison Committee
PhD committee/PhD programme directors
Forum for education

For further information see the latest newsletter from the dean her.