Gradual and partial reopening after Easter

22 March, the government presented a framework agreement for the reopening of Denmark. This means that students will be able to return to campus to some extent.

This message has been sent to the students at the Facuktyr of Arts 29. March 2021:

Dear students at the Faculty of Arts

At the Faculty of Arts, we are currently working on plans for a gradual and partial reopening of the university based on the restrictions that we are subject to. The restrictions offer limited opportunities and require coordination and planning – not least because everyone who meets at the university must have a negative test that is no more than 72 hours old, and because the distance requirements are maintained. Exemptions have already been granted for conducting special practice-intensive courses on site. In addition, I hope that you will have the opportunity to book study spaces and group rooms in the course of week 14. In the course of week 15, we expect physical attendance on a small number of courses so that more people can meet on campus. More information will follow by Friday 9 April as a collective email or from your teachers on Blackboard.

Happy Easter
Niels Lehmann

Vice-dean for education, Faculty of Arts, AU

In accordance with the government's COVID-19 restrictions Aarhus University campuses will remain closed through 5 April 2021.