New email addresses and joint mail and calendar system at Arts

All AU staff members will switch to the Microsoft Outlook mail and calendar system in spring 2012. They will also be assigned new email addresses. Some Arts staff members already use Outlook, so they will at most experience an update of the programme. But for those who use FirstClass, the programme will be entirely new.

New email addresses

New email addresses will be assigned independently of the implementation of the new mail system.  You will be given detailed information about the process when it becomes relevant for you personally.

Read more about the new email addresses

The transition to Outlook 2010

If you are using Outlook 2007 or 2010 the programme will not be updated.

Mailboxes will be transferred to Outlook 2012 gradually and in groups. The final schedule is not in place yet because tests of the technical set-up are still being made.

However, you can be certain that:

  • You will be informed directly by email about two weeks before your own email account is transferred to Outlook 2010.
  • You will have access to your mails via webmail immediately ( after the contents of your old account have been transferred to Outlook. However, most staff members will be able to start using the new Outlook system immediately and will not need to use webmail. Supporters will install the programme on staff computers and provide technical support.
  • You will not need to be present when the new programme is installed on your computer; but if you want help getting started, it would probably be a good idea. Otherwise, you can read/watch online guides.
  • The page will be updated throughout the implementation period. It provides information on courses, guides, support and much more.

For FirstClass users

If you have FirstClass now, please be aware:

  • That FirstClass will remain open even after Outlook has been implemented. You will not lose any of the functions in FirstClass. The system will remain in operation until it is replaced by a new e-learning system. The new system is expected to be implemented some time in 2013.
  • That it will not be possible to transfer your mails and your calendar from FirstClass to Outlook automatically. This means that you will probably need to use both systems for a period of time.
    However, you can automatically forward your mail from FirstClass to Outlook.
  • That until the new e-learning system is in place, FirstClass will still function as a channel for students from the former Faculty of Humanities. These students will continue to have access to FirstClass until the new e-learning system is implemented. This will take place in 2013.

Read more about the transition from FirstClass to Outlook