Room for reflection: the new library seminar room

Do you need to concentrate on your studies? Then you'll definitely want to stop by the new seminar room that's been established in connection with the Nobel Park Library. The first students are already beginning to use the room, and reactions have been generally positive, though there is room for improvement.

'I have to admit, I was surprised when I went into the room. We're used to long rows of study carrels. Now there's an inspiring space with lots of colour and soft furniture,’ explains Kathrine Heldgaard from Scandinavian Languages and Literature, who is lounging in one of the blue coupé sofas in the seminar room.

A space that meets our needs

As explained by English programme student Rikke Nielsson, the requirements the new Nobel Park Library was designed to live up to were clear:

´Create a youthful but serious environment that creates an optimal framework for knowledge-sharing, dialogue and concentration. And it's been a complete success.'

Today, she's sharing her coupé sofa with no less than Charles Dickens - in the form of one of his works. She comes here on a daily basis, both before and after classes, because there's peace and quiet as well as good conditions for group work at the round tables.

Round tables were chosen to invite dialogue and encourage group work.  Today two groups are gathered around the tables.  The tables are separated from the coupé sofas by room dividers to allow student to work without disturbing each other.

A concern and a few suggestions for improvement

All in all, the students consider the seminar room a success  - but not completely unqualified. There are some concerns:

'We really needed more seminar rooms - before we used to try and find empty classrooms. It's really nice to have these new facilities. But now that the space is so attractive,  I'm excited to see whether it will become hard to get in,' says Kathrine Heldgaard. Rikke Nielsson adds:

'If we have to point out one thing that's missing here, it's electrical outlets. There aren't enough outlets, which can be a problem when you're using the round tables. Also, it would be really great to have some small tables between the sofa coupés so you have a place to put down papers or a cup. But it's nice that something extra is being done for us now.'