Study Centre Arts now open for business

Study Centre Arts got its official launch on Monday 30 January. The new centre is modern, open and attractive - but has it succeeded in attracting students?

'At the beginning, we were anxious about whether the students would be able to find us. But judging from the number of students we meet in the centre every day, they've found their way to us,' explains Team Leader Jesper Sølund, who has been responsible for establishing the study centre.

Jesper Sølund is aware of the fact that not all students are aware of the study centre. Therefore, postcards and posters are being printed, and better signage is being put up at the centre itself.

One student who succeeded in making his way to the centre is Majurran Veethividangan from the Scandinavian Language and Literature programme:

'This is the first time I've drawn on Study Centre Arts. Today, I got help filling out a preliminary approval form for a programme of study in connection with an exchange agreement. It's nice to have a unified centre, so you know where to go when you need help.'

Helping students on their way

Not everyone is clear about what kinds of questions and problems the study centre can assist students with. The study centre has posted an overview of the kinds of questions students can get help with on the study portal. Nonetheless, they still get enquiries from students which need to be handled by other offices at AU:

´This is a confusing time for students, and sometimes we encounter people who've been sent from place to place. We try to help them here, and if we don't have the answer, we make some calls and try to find it, so we don't end up sending students to yet another office,' explains Jesper Sølund.

New initiatives

It looks as though Study Centre Arts is already well on the way to meeting students' needs. This goes for international students as well, as the Research and Talent division also has a representative in the study centre who will ensure that they have access to the same guidance services as Danish students.

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