What to do in case of burglary at Nobel Park

Find out who to contact to get help if you witness a burglary.

We have experienced a number of burglaries in Nobel Park in recent weeks. Remember to lock your door – even if you’re just leaving the office for a few minutes.

Acute assistance

If you see anything suspicious, you can call 70 26 36 50 for immediate help. Call this number if you feel threatened, or you experience or witness  acute injury to other people or damage to property.

If you are the victim of burglary but do not need immediate help, contact the Nobel Park maintenance staff for help  in repairing any damage and to report any losses.

Keep your documents safe!

To make sure that you don’t lose important files even if your computer is stolen, it is important to save everything to a drive with backup, such as your P drive. Your desktop and C drive  are typically not backed up.  If you save your work to these locations, you will lose your filesif your computer is stolen.