Support for employees who are harassed or threated by external parties

Researchers are increasingly being subjected to harassment and threats when they publish and publicly discuss their research. There are many different forms of and varying degrees of harassment and threats (insulting, defamatory, threatening etc.); harassment and threats can take place through various channels; they can be direct or indirect; and those who harass or make threats can be either individuals or groups.

The management at Arts considers harassment and threats directed at researchers to be a serious and unacceptable problem for the organisation and its employees.

The management at Arts is aware of the possible legal, personnel-related and emotional aspects of a matter, and the management always wants to meet the employee concerned, discuss the matter and support the employee with a view to re-establishing an acceptable work situation.

If you are being harassed by an external party, you as an employee must do the following:

Notify your head of school secretariat

The head of school secretariat will be the anchor in the process.

Depending on what you agree on, the head of school secretariat will notify the head of school, the head of department and the Dean’s Office, and you will be invited to a meeting with the head of school/department and the head of school secretariat as soon as possible, where you will have the opportunity to discuss the matter as well as possible reactions and actions.

You will be offered help in the form of, for example, psychological counselling, crisis counselling, legal advice, communication support and/or other relevant support.

The head of school secretariat can also help you to take firm action to stop further harassment and threats. Here are some examples:

  • Technical solution to block emails from the harasser
  • Technical solution to forward emails automatically to, for example, the school secretariat
  • New phone number
  • Removal of contact information at www.au.dk.

The head of school, the head of school secretariat and the Dean’s Office will in consultation with you and lawyers at AU assess whether the police should be notified.

Finally, Arts HR is informed of the harassment and the action which the management has decided will be taken.

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