Alumni as guest speakers

The guest speaker portal at the Faculty of Arts is a platform for internal use, where lecturers and administrative staff can find alumni who would like to contribute their knowledge.

The topics can range from academically specific to more personal stories about the transition from study to the labor market.

For employees at Arts

As a teacher or other employee at Arts, you get easy access to inspiring, current and academically relevant guest speakers, all of whom have a background from the faculty.

The alumni can be used as:

  • Knowledge and inspiration from the outside world in teaching
  • Experts in relation to the practical use of professionalism
  • Speakers for career-related events

You are welcome to invite alumni to sign up as guest speakers on the page.

How to contact a guest presenter

To get in touch with a guest speaker, you must write to

Practical information about guest presentations

  • No fee can be paid, so a presenter has signed up because he or she wants to give something back and help the students along the way
  • A guest presenter can always request to be removed from the portal again
  • The topics must not have a partisan political angle and must not be racist or otherwise discriminatory
  • The Faculty of Arts reserves the right to delete a guest speaker if he/she has behaved inappropriately

See lists of guest speakers

Below you can find lists of the alumni who have registered as guest speakers

The Danish School of Education
School of Communication and Culture
School of Culture and Society