Research Datamanagement

Center for Humanities Computing provides guidance in all matters related to management of research data and data management plans. Read more or contact them at their homepage, where you can also create a support or request ticket.

AU Library provides help with documenting and handling research data.

Several funding schemes make demands on your research data. Are you asked to explain the handling of data during and after your research project? Are you encouraged to make your research data available to as many people as possible based on the principle of "as open as possible, as closed as necessary"?

AU Library supports researchers in relation to handling research data and drawing up data management plans. We are always ready to answer questions, assist you with your data management plan or otherwise guide you in where and how to find and reuse data, or where and how you can store and share your data.

Ask your contact librarian or contact Johanne Rübner Hansen, AU Library for more information.