Arts PhD Administration

The Arts PhD Administration is working closely with the Dean’s office, with schools and departments and centres at the Faculty by managing the Graduate School, Arts.

The PhD administration is responsible for marketing and recruitment of applicants, for enrollment and employment, as well as all phases of the PhD education, such as HR, PhD courses and business intelligence for the Graduate School management.

The Graduate School at the Faculty of Arts (GSA)

The Graduate School, Arts is divided into 8 different PhD programmes which span over schools and departments.  

The Arts PhD Team manages the daily operations of the Graduate School at the Faculty of Arts (GSA), with respect to both prospective and currently enrolled students.



School of Communication and Culture, School of Culture and Society

School of Education

Student enrollment/calls, illness, maternity/paternity leave, general data inquiry


Name Job title Email Phone Building
Acthon, Bettina Holmbo PhD administrator +4587162258 1443, 421
Bjerring, Bodil PhD administrator +4587153297 1443, 423
Elo, Minna PhD administrator +4587153298 1443, 423
Hoffmeister, Marianne PhD administrator +4587153424 1443, 414
Jensen, Anders Gade PhD administrator +4587152412 1443, 417
Laursen, Andreas Mølgaard PhD administrator +4587150317 1443, 421
Plaskett, Anna Louise Dolan Team Leader +4587152581 1443, 425