Aarhus BSS Business Committee


Terms of reference

The goal of Aarhus BSS is to strengthen the quality of the services offered to public and private organisations and to become the preferred provider of graduates to relevant industries. This goal is stated in the school’s 2017-2020 strategy and is accompanied by a number of specific means by which to achieve this goal within the strategy period:

  • To nurture and expand our network across government agencies and institutions, industries, media, non-profit organisations and other knowledge partners in order to strengthen the recruitment and retention of our employees and enhance the job opportunities of our graduates.
  • To interact with public and private organisations in order to make our research applicable and allow our research and degree programmes to be inspired by practice.
  • To strengthen the academic quality, scope and relevance of internships and study-related activities targeted at companies and organisations.
  • To increase the awareness of our short customised courses and continuing education programmes.
  • To expand our existing strong alumni relations and exploit our opportunities of increasing the commitment of our alumni.

A central business committee is established at school level in order to strengthen the coordination and management support in the field, and to ensure progress in the strategic actions listed in the school strategy.

The tasks of the Business Committee:

  • To discuss perspectives and priorities at department/administrative/school level in accordance with the school’s external relations strategy.
  • To discuss specific initiatives for the continued development of the volume and quality of the school’s business-oriented activities including career, alumni and continuing education activities.
  • To strengthen the school’s externally targeted innovation and entrepreneurship activities.
  • To development the school’s fundraising concept.
  • To exchange knowledge on the collaboration with external partners and ensure knowledge exchange across the school.
  • To strengthen Aarhus BSS’ external profile as an attractive partner for companies, public-sector institutions, municipalities and regions.

Composition of the committee
The committee consists of the executive team, the six heads of department and head of Aarhus BSS Communication and External Relations. The vice-dean for research is the chair.

Meeting frequency
As a rule, the committee will convene two times per semester/four times a year for one hour in continuation of a meeting in the faculty management team.

Secretarial support and meeting format:
Administrative support for the committee is provided by the Dean’s Office. Aarhus BSS Communication and External Relations prepares presentations and recommendations and provides input for the agendas.

A standard agenda will be used for the meetings and contains the following fixed points:

  • Mutual exchange of information (including a briefing from the vice dean on the previous/upcoming meeting in AU’s Business Committee).
  • To be decided
  • Theme discussions

Administrative support