Executive team

Aarhus BSS is headed by the dean, who is also a member of AU’s senior management team. The dean holds the academic and financial responsibility for the school and is chair of the Faculty Liaison Committee (FSU) and the school's Occupational Health and Safety Committee.

Apart from the dean, the executive team consists of the two vice-deans - the vice-dean for education and the vice-dean for research and talent development - and the administrative centre manager. Together, they are responsible for the day-to-day management of the school.

The executive team holds the overall financial and operational responsibility for the school. In close collaboration with the faculty management team, they chart the course for Aarhus BSS so that this is in line with the school’s mission and vision.

At their weekly meetings, the executive team discuss current matters of importance to the school. Subsequently, relevant issues are discussed and decided at the meetings in the faculty management team.

The executive team is supported by the Dean's Office.

Boards and committees

The school comprises an academic council and an advisory board who will advise the executive team on strategic and academic matters. In addition, the executive team has appointed two associate deans and two strategic project managers.

The school has also appointed a business committee and a research committee. In addition, the vice-dean for education is a member of the School Board of Studies.

Members of the Executive Team

Anne Bækby Johansen

Administration Centre Manager

Head of Administration

Vice-Dean for Research and Talent
Head of Aarhus BSS Graduate School