Introduction to the Course evaluation practice

Evaluation of all forms of instruction

As a general rule, all forms of instruction will be evaluated via the evaluation practice at Aarhus BSS.

Standard questionnaires for evaluation

A standard questionnaire is chosen for the evaluation depending on the format, at the course. As a teacher or course coordinator You can add your own supplementary questions to almost all types of evaluations. About a month after semester start you can add your own questions to the evaluation. You can do this via the evaluations menu at Brightspace. Please read this page for more information about which standard questionnaires we use for the evaluations.

The course coordinator checkes the setup for the evaluation shortly after the semester has started. This is to secure the right standard questionnaire has been selectes and that the right lecturers and TAs is registered to be evaluated.

When your evaluation is live

When the evaluation is live, the students will receive an email to their AU mail with a link to access the evaluation. As a teacher, you can improve the quality of the feedback you receive from the students by:

  • Telling the students how you will use the results of the evaluation
  • Telling the students how they provide constructive feedback
  • Set time off in teaching

When the evaluation is completed

The day after the evaluation is completed, you will receive a report with the results of the evaluation, unless the reporting is delayed due to the students ' anonymity. As a general rule, the reporting is delayed when there only are a few students per supervisor or lecturer. For example when the form of instruction is primarily supervision.

There must be at least three responses for a report to be generated.

When you have your report you can follow up with the students and talk about how you read the results and how you want to act in future. This is supporting a good evaluation culture.

Follow-up with colleagues or management

We recommend that you always discuss the evaluation with at least one other person and talk about what was going well and what could be done better next time.

The programme management and the study board will follow up on the evaluations at least once during the semester. Here the average score of the question of outcome is reported. The Dean's office has set red, yellow and green catogories for the score of outcome. Read more about the formal follow-up in the procedure for evaluation which you will find on this page.


If you need help, take a look at our support page. Here you will find guides on how to change your evaluation setup and add questions etc. You can also get in touch with our support team via this direct link. You must log in using the same login as you use for Brightspace.

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