Results from evaluations

Evaluation of all forms of instruction

When the evaluation is completed

  • The day after the evaluation is completed, you will receive a report with the results of the course evaluation.
  • There must be at least three responses for a report to be generated.

Follow-up on your course evaluation

  • Follow up with the students, explain how you understand the results and which changes you want to implement in the future. It supports a good evaluation culture.
  • We recommend that you always discuss the evaluation with at least one other person and talk about what was going well and what could be done better next time.
  • The programme management and the Bouard of Study will follow up on the evaluations at least once during the semester. The average score of the question about outcome is categorised into red, yellow and green catogories. Read more about queality assurance at AU this page.

Evaluation reports - Who gets what?

Below is an example of how the results on the different standard evaluation questions will be sent to various stakeholders. Please note that some board of studies has decided that course coordinators not automatically receives reports with information about small group teachers.

Traffic lights and official follow-up

In accordance with AU's Quality assurance System, the compulsory follow-up on the course evaluations is divided according to whether the individual courses in the indicator model fall within the intervals:

  • Red: 0.0 to <3,2
  • Yellow: 3.2 To <3,8
  • Green: 3.8 to 5.0

The indicator is a average grade of responses to the question of overall 7outcome (I rate the overall outcome of the course as), which is used in all evaluations. Local follow-up procedure may vary. The local study and department management team decides on the local follow-up process. In addition, the annual director of studies report in connection with the quality work must provide a brief account of how the course evaluations have been followed up on.