Committee for Diversity and Equality


Dorthe Staunæs

Professor Danish School of Education - Education Studies, Emdrup

Bjarke Paarup

Head of School School of Culture and Society - Culture and Society, School secretariat


Natalie Videbæk Munkholm

Associate Professor Department of Law

Jacob Kjær Eskildsen

Head of Department Department of Management


Ebbe Bødtkjer

Professor Department of Biomedicine - Forskning og uddannelse, Skou-bygningen

Siri Beier Jensen

Department of Dentistry and Oral Health - Institutledelsen, Odontologi og Oral Sundhed


Daniel Otzen

Professor Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center - INANO-MBG, iNANO-huset

Klaus Mølmer

Professor Department of Physics and Astronomy


Anne Jensen

Senior Researcher Department of Environmental Science - Environmental social science and geography

Ole Hertel

Head of Department Department of Ecoscience - ECOS Roskilde



The committee is responsible for ensuring that action is taken on initiatives that promote diversity and gender equality at AU. The goal is to create significant, measurable progress. The committee must maintain a special focus on areas with limited progress or areas that need special attention in order to achieve the goal of open, diverse and attractive environments.     

  • Prepares an action plan for diversity and gender equality at AU every four years – the first action plan must have a special focus on women in research and management. The action plan must be approved by the senior management team.
  • Identifies cultural and structural barriers to diversity and gender equality in research and management at AU.
  • Suggests tools that may be implemented to ensure diversity and gender equality in research and management.
  • Submits a report to the senior management team annually. The report, which will be published, must include the status of the action plan and data on gender balance in research and management at AU.
  • Is responsible for organising an event every other year on 8 March that focuses on diversity and gender equality at AU. The next event will take place on 8 March 2020.
  • Has a continuous focus on how to ensure local anchoring and action based on approved initiatives.


 Terms of reference for the Committee (in Danish)


Meeting schedule and meeting materials

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