News from the Senior Management Team

News from the Senior Management Team is published every week (in English subsequently). This includes a brief description of current activities and discussions.

News from the Senior Management Team is sent to all units at Aarhus University, and they can decide for themselves how they want to forward the information to members of staff.
All employees at Aarhus University and other interested parties are welcome to sign up for the newsletter directly.

Latest edition

News from the senior management team no. 16 (08.07.24)

  • Quota 1: Increased number of applications to AU
  • New research-based consultancy committee at AU
  • AU launches life science hub in the University City
  • Some cleaning services at the University City to be put out to tender
  • The acronym LEA is no more
  • Join the research festival at the Sandbjerg estate in Sønderborg

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