News from the senior management team

News from the Senior Management Team contains information about current activities and discussions for all members of staff at the University of Aarhus. It is published every week – apart from holidays and public holidays. On this page, you can see the newsletters distributed in 2017. 

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No. 39 (20.12.2017)

Digital upgrade for teaching • Residency rules checklist for foreign researchers • Workshop on estimating nitrate leaching • Aarhus University is heading a research project on quality in higher education degree programmes • Your parking permit has been extended • The Rector wishes everyone a Merry Christmas... with a musical surprise • Calendar  

No. 38 (15.12.2017)

Budget: Positive development with room for important investments • Draft of new strategic framework contract submitted for internal consultation • EQUIS accreditation for all of Aarhus BSS • Aarhus University to train interpreters • Stand for election as an occupational health and safety representative at AU • Take free courses at the Danish University Extension • Major new innovation factory at Aarhus University • Best Hospital in Denmark for the 10th time • Preliminary status of evaluation of Aarhus 2017 • Major honour for professor of computer science • Vice-dean: Graduates of the humanities will also be important when the robots arrive • Calendar 

No. 37 (08.12.2017

Promising, but financially challenging • New Centre for Climate Change opens • The Danes have received a million Tænkepauser • Focus on humanistic competencies in a digital age • Publications to be registered by 15 January 2018 • Steen Harrit Jakobsen to become new head of staff at the Rector’s Office • Calendar 

No. 36 (01.12.2017)

New funding reform complicated, but with good intentions • Full trust in researcher integrity • AU and KU support new national centre for foreign languages • New electromicrobiology research centre opens • DCE director named new chairman of EU's biggest nature and environmental research network • World's biggest study competition coming to AU • Where should you go in the event of a fire? • Calendar 

No. 35 (24.11.2017)

Special efforts for good communication at Aarhus University • Seven talented AU researchers become Sapere Aude research leaders • More further training and education • This year's university elections decided • New agreement reinforces partnership between universities and ESS research facility • AU celebrates 30th anniversary of Erasmus+ • Applications for AIAS fellowships open • Ole Bækgaard named new manager of the Department of Public Health • Calendar  

No. 34 (17.11.2017)

Brexit: European university network stands together for promotion of cooperation • International employees risk fines for dissemination of research • International students are a profitable business • Pro-rector in charge of government's new inspiration group on examen philosophicum • The MBA programme at Aarhus BSS earns full international accreditation • Apply for funding for combating gender bias at Aarhus University • Universities Denmark celebrates 50th anniversary • 275th anniversary for Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters • Associate professor at Aarhus BSS receives Tietgen Award • AU exhibits interdisciplinary research at European Parliament • Calendar

No. 33 (10.11.2017)

Première of live streaming of lectures for upper secondary school students • Two VILLUM Investigator grants celebrated at Aarhus University • University elections: You can vote until 16 November • Søren Pind visits AU Foulum • Dean at Health: Research not necessarily accepted as the gospel truth • Three young new Lundbeck Foundation fellows from Biomedicine • Fruit snacks, biodegradable plastic and walking frames won this year’s case competition at ST • Two AU researchers appointed to Independent Research Fund Denmark • Initiative Prize to company with roots in Aarhus University • PhD Career Day 2017 • Cooperation with University of York extended • Calendar 

No. 32 (03.11.2017)

Research reserve funds: More funding for non-earmarked research • Next call for tenders for public-sector consultancy announced • Full house at Aarhus Symposium • Work begins on a new framework agreement with the ministry • Restore good cooperation between research and agriculture • Millions for research into teacher education and primary and lower secondary schooling • Calendar 

No. 31 (27.10.2017)

Increased user-friendliness in Blackboard to pave the way for roll-out of EDU IT initiatives • New PhD survey kicks off • Aarhus University wants more women enrolled in its IT degree programmes • Elections to the occupational health and safety organisation at Aarhus University • Aarhus University pays tribute to student medallists • Next year’s recruitment campaign builds on 2017 success • Knowledge and facts are decisive for democracy • Give student entrepreneurs room to grow • DKK 31 million to European research partnership headed by Aarhus University • DKK 300,000 to research into improved medication of patients with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease • Medical students raise DKK 62,000 for Danish Cancer Society • Calendar 

No. 30 (13.10.2017)

Minimum grade point average for all ST degree programmes • It’s election time! • Millions for AU researchers from Independent Research Fund Denmark • Research talent receives Jens Christian Skou Award 2017 • Danish Rheumatism Association’s research prize goes to AU professor • Young genetic researcher receives international award • AU hosts last RethinkIMPACTS 2017 conference • Evaluation report on aquatic environment published • Calendar  

No. 29 (10.10.2017)

Rector: Cutbacks mean lower quality degree programmes • New centre for business development inaugurated in Herning • More strategic centres at ST – WATEC now open • AU wins wildlife management contract • Positive evaluation of marine research • Academic councils: Well-being comes from performing core tasks • New career platform for junior researchers • We must educate independent researchers • Tools for collaboration with industry • Cutbacks at the administrative centres at HE and ST • Change in department management teams at ST • Calendar 

No. 28 (26.09.2017)

Rector: Competitive bidding can destroy research environments • Timetable for re-accreditation now in place • Rector to visit departments/schools in the autumn • PhDs compete on research communication • Free admission to constructive journalism conference • Berit Eika joins new advisory panel for upper secondary schools • Calendar 

No. 27 (19.09.2017)

Aarhus University celebrates 89th anniversary • Giant sports day and celebrations in the University Park • Focus on quality, retention and progress at inspiration day • Aarhus hosts sport and education summit • Danish School of Education moves to Nobel Park • Aarhus University Press launches new history series • Calendar 

No. 26 (13.09.2017)

Education debate 2017: Quality must be developed in collaboration with teaching staff and students • Universities Denmark is opposed to centrally administered peer reviews of degree programmes • AU behind new approach to help entrepreneurs become growth companies • Chemistry professor wins Carlsberg Foundation Research Prize • AU number 109 in Times Higher Education rankings • 10,000 visited this year’s Student Fair • Time for SDDs • Tickets now drawn for annual celebration • Calendar

No. 25 (05.09.2017)

Finance Bill 2018: No growth for education and research • To all new students: Live student life to the full • Status on competitive funding of public sector consultancy • Pro-rector at entrepreneurship festival: It must be possible to combine studying and entrepreneurship • Food Festival 2017: Get a taste of AU • AIAS welcomes 23 new fellows • New and simpler workplace assessment in 2019 • Calendar

No. 24 (28.08.2017)

Senior management team welcomes end of quick bonus • Thank you to the 1,000 student advisers who are welcoming new students • Meet Aarhus University at Aarhus Festival 2017 • University director focuses on recruitment and onboarding • Commercialisation activities well under way in ST’s environmental research areas • Niels Haldrup appointed acting head of department • Calendar 

No. 23 (24.08.2017)

Status on admissions • AU maintains its position on Shanghai ranking list • New centre for materials research to solve tomorrow’s challenges • ST dean: Investments in education must provide digital skills • Alumni inspire new students • AU employees defied the rain and mud for DHL 2017 • Dean’s Office at Health moves into the park • Calendar 

No. 22 (16.08.2017)

UNLEASH: Young talents pitch sustainable ideas at AU • Report: Universities strengthen knowledge-based university-business collaboration • THE article on AU’s Open Science project • New rules on free Danish courses • Calendar 

No. 21 (10.08.2017)

Annual celebration opened for registration on 7 August • More applicants with high marks • Participate in this year’s inspiration day on education • CI cooperation agreement in place • Denmark’s four health deans agree on the need to increase admissions to the degree programme in medicine • Calendar

No. 20 (06.07.2017)

Large number of applications for admission to Aarhus University – and growth within the engineering field, mathematics and computer science • Is it a good idea to subject public sector consultancy to competitive bidding? • Aarhus University and industry in new Open Science collaboration • AU professor receives award for outstanding research • AU seeks influence on Horizon 2020 programmes • Deans wish everybody a great summer • Calendar

No. 19 (28.06.2017)

The rector wishes everybody a good summer • Strengthen the stability of the subsidy system • Free Danish University Extension lectures • AU’s pro-rector: Natural science talents must be nurtured • Focus on research-based knowledge at Denmark’s Political Festival • Two new degree programmes in biotechnology and chemical engineering • Calendar 

No. 18 (19.06.2017)

Aarhus University launches ambitious digital initiative • Aarhus University granted conditional positive accreditation • Ten principles for tomorrow’s university campus • Status quo for AU in new QS ranking list • Anne Marie Pahuus to carry on as vice-dean for research • Support for ten interdisciplinary networks • Calendar

No. 17 (29.05.2017)

Rigmor and Carl Holst-Knudsen Awards for Scientific Research go to professors of anthropology and econometrics • AU inaugurates Centre for Circular Bioeconomy • AIAS attracts major EU grant to AU • Prestigious prize awarded to AU engineers • A weekend of Reformation • Arts dean: Humanities still have an important role to play in our future • Strengthen basic research and retain degree programmes • AU vice-dean: Continued focus on gender balance • Extension of tenure for Department of Bioscience heads •  Apply for funding for your Horizon 2020 application • Calendar 

No. 16 (15.05.2017)

Research environments can strengthen Danish government’s new Disruption Council • Pind visits Stakladen • Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HD) (Financial Counselling) is moving to Herning • Call for applications for EURIAS Fellowships now open • Research inventions lead to cooperation and investments • Calendar

No. 15 (08.05.2017)

Rector: New appropriation system requires a serious review • Starting Grants 2017 open for application •  Danish Council for Independent Research millions for AU researchers • Register for Holst-Knudsen award ceremony • Summer University: New website helps teachers • Personalised study portal in the pipeline • Calendar

No. 14 (05.05.2017)

Successful Regatta in the University Park • A week of popular research • Computer science professor receives ERC Advanced Grant • Clearer career paths for young AU researchers • Budget surplus in 2016 financial statements, but no change of course for the administration • Calendar

No. 13 (18.04.2017)

Three new basic research centres for Aarhus University • Research is passport to the future • March for Science in Aarhus on 22 April • From STUDENT to GRADUATE to GOOD JOB PROSPECTS! • Welcome to Lars Bo Nielsen • Crystallography professor receives HM Queen Margrethe II’s Science Award • Lars Arge awarded honorary doctorate at Eindhoven University of Technology • Head of School of Culture and Society to continue • Aarhus University invites everyone to attend Festival of Research in Stakladen • Calendar

No. 12 (11.04.2017)

Annual report 2016: Healthy finances leave scope for academic investments • AU’s libraries to become part of the Royal Library • AU researchers can apply for funding for interdisciplinary research networks • AU in new collaboration on spin-outs • A new year with quality assurance has begun • New committee under the Ministry of Higher Education and Science to increase coherence between job and education • Pro-rector: Competition can help students develop skills • Prestigious international prize for AU’s CON AMORE • Calendar 

No. 11 (04.04.2017)

Study environment: Well-being still high but scope for improvement • Joint or tailor-made solutions? We must dare to ask the question! • DCA and DCE: Impartial consultancy services benefit everyone • Aarhus University to kick-start climate solutions in Central Denmark Region • Calendar

No. 9 (21.03.2017)

Still many applicants for Aarhus University • More students finish faster • AU ready to launch first drone for exploration of northern Greenland • Meet AU's new dean of Health • Novo Nordisk and Aarhus University hosted symposium in Aarhus • Keiding appointed new member of DFiR, and Besenbacher continues as vice chairman of Innovation Fund Denmark • New online course for teaching staff • Become part of the Empower Talent! mentor programme • Calendar

No. 8 (06.03.2017)

Accreditation report submitted for consultation at AU • Danish PhD initiative bearing fruit • AU students rate their lecturers’ qualifications highly • New independent institute for constructive journalism at AU • Dean of Arts: Examen philosophicum is too academically narrow • Aarhus BSS establishes Dale T. Mortensen Centre • Prestigious international research prize goes to Bo Barker Jørgensen • Calendar 

No. 7 (01.03.2017)

AU gears organisation for more business cooperation • New four-year agreement on AU’s public-sector consultancy services in place • Elite Research Prize for AU researcher • Changing of the guard on the Student Council • Inauguration of new hospital in Skejby • Record-breaking turnout for CompanyDATING event • University Director presents the administration’s 2017 objectives • VIA is new partner to agreement with Aarhus University and Central Denmark Region • Apply for microfunding grants from AUFF • DHL Relay Race 2017 open for registration • Calendar

No. 6 (15.02.2017)

Researchers can now sign up for the Festival of Research • Johnny Laursen: Language is the gateway to the world •  Future dean at Health answers questions • Danish Reformation research being strengthened • Professor Poul Nissen receives Novo Nordisk Prize 2017 • AU professor appointed chairman of new complaints board • Calendar

No. 5 (08.02.2017)

Connie Hedegaard new chairman of the board of Aarhus University •  More flexible study scheme for entrepreneurs at AU • Adjustment of education cap • Birgit Schiøtt to carry on as head of the Department of Chemistry • AU professor is new chairman of the Danish Council for Independent Research, Natural Sciences • Calendar

No. 4 (31.01.2017)

AU has clear guidelines for receiving gifts • AU keeps three paid days of holiday • New digitisation strategy for AU • One in five of the medals awarded to Danes at the Olympic Games and world championships in 2016 were won by AU students • Million-kroner grants for researchers at the School of Culture and Society • Niels Damgaard Hansen to carry on as Administration Centre Manager at ST • Calendar

No. 3 (24.01.2017)

Chairman of the AU Board to step down • Professor Lars Bo Nielsen is new dean at Health • Positive tone of voice for a better work environment in 2017 • DKK 17.5 million awarded to two research talents • Conference help available • Calendar 

No. 2 (16.01.2017)

Meet Aarhus University in the Capital of Culture • FEAS selects consultants to advise on the development of Aarhus University’s new campus area • Update on Innovation Fund Denmark’s calls in 2017 • Johnny Laursen new chairman of DIIS board • Aarhus University invites businesses to brainstorm on digitisation • Diplomas for 189 young talents with academic potential • Apply for publication support grants • Research talents can apply for stays at American universities • Calendar

No. 1 (09.01.2017)

Take a Danish University Extension course free of charge – registration opens 11 January • New acting vice-dean for education at ST • Danish School of Education opens new Centre for Higher Education Futures • MatchPoints Seminar 2017 on the Reformation is popular • Calendar