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The screens are placed at the following locations:

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The screens are placed in:

  • AU Library Arts, Emdrup, X-feltet
  • AU Library Arts, Emdrup, the 24-hour open area

The screens are 1080x1920 pixel i portrait.


The content is requested to comply with these messures so that it matches the screens.


Jens Jan Andersen (


Aarhus BSS

The screens are placed at the following locations:

  • In the SAM (Social Sciences) cafeteria
  • In the library at Bartholins Allé
  • In Prehistory cafeteria (Building 1322)
  • At Twin lecture theatre (Building 1324)
  • At the entrance from Randersvej (Building 1325)
  • In Political Science lobby (for both staff and students, Building 1331)
  • At the entrance to Psychology (Building 1340)
  • In the Nobel cafeteria (Building 1481)
  • In the Nobel Park – to the right of the entrance (Building 1481)
  • In the library at Fuglesangs Allé
  • Campus Herning

Send an email to if you want information to be displayed on BSS's information screens in Aarhus and to Lonni Denise Jensen at if you have information to be displayed on the screen at campus Herning.

In the email, please state your target group (students or staff) and on which information screen(s) you want your notice to be displayed, and include text and image, if any.

Max. 300 characters including spaces if there is no image. Each notice is displayed for approx. 10 sec., so it must be possible to decode the message quickly. Short sentences, 'space' between the sections of text and underlined links significantly help readability.

Images must be JPEG, 72 DPI and 460 x 460 pixels. Consider whether an image is necessary/relevant, as the screens are not that large and, if there is an image, it will take longer for viewers to read the text and look at the image.


The screens are placed at the following locations:

School for Dental Assistants, Hygienists and Clinical Technicians (SKT)

Department of Forensic Medicine (in reception)

Department of Public Health


The screens are placed at the following locations:

Department of Chemistry
Contact: Marianne Sommer

Department of Computer Science
Contact: Marianne Dammand Iversen

Department of Geoscience
Contact: Ann Eg Mølhave

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Contact: Hanne Bak

Contact: Trine Møller Hansen


The screens are placed at the following locations:

AU Foulum
Contact: Claus Bo Andreasen

Department of Food Science, Agro Food Park
Contact: Aase Karin Sørensen