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Access to Pure

Why do the buttons not work?

The special submission forms for BSS and DPU have been retired. You need to log into Pure (see login button above) and use one of the submission templates or the Quick Submit function.

Problems in Pure?
If you are experiencing recurring problems in Pure, check our page Known Issues to see if we are aware of the problem. Alternatively you can check Serviceinfo for acute events.

User guides & Support in Pure

Pure support

If you have questions, you can either direct it to your your local Pure contact person, or write to the central Pure Support.


We have made guides on how to register and validate publications in Pure. Certain complex problems are descriped in the special circumstance section.


Here you can learn how to register activities, ie presentations, participation in a conference, consultancy and more.


Do you need to create your CV in PURE with all the information that is available through the system? You can find a guide to how this can be done here.


Here you can read how to create and edit projects, add information about funding, and relate publications and activities to the project.

Personal webpage

Here you can find help to edit your personal profile and webpage via Pure, such as how to add a profile text and upload a new profile picture .


2019.11.12 | News

Remember to register your publications in Pure

Deadline for registering publications in Pure is January 15, 2020 and there is information related to the university's registration of publications that you need to be aware of.

2019.09.24 | News

Change to workflow has been implemented

More simpel and transparent workflow for publications.

[Translate to English:] Formularer er på vej ud

2019.09.13 | News

BSS and DPU submission forms retire

Still easy and directly through Pure.

2019.09.13 | News

Change to submission workflow

On September 20th the submission workflow will change from a 4-step workflow to a 3-step workflow.

Revalidation open during a trail period

2019.09.01 | News

Revalidation open during a trail period

Correction of a simple error should not be a support case.

2019.08.21 | News

Import from Scopus is working again

The problem with importing publications from Scopus has been resolved, and the function is back to normal.

Better overview

2019.08.16 | News

New profile overview

The profile overview gets a new look. It gives a better overview and makes it easier to keep up.


At Aarhus University there is three courses each fall, with focus on how you add content to Pure and your personal AU homepage. You can also book a course with a faculty representative from AU Library


As recipient of the newsletter, you can choose between different types of information related to Pure, this way you are always up to date, when changes are made to the system.

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