The end of the 2022-23 holiday year

The end of the 2022-2023 holiday year

You can take holiday accrued in the 2022-23 holiday year through 31 December 2023, which is the last day of the holiday period. 

Please note that by 31 December 2023, you must take at least 20 days of holiday (holiday weeks 1-4) from the year of accrual beginning on 1 September 2022 and ending on 31 August 2023. Only holiday week 5 and any previously carried-over holiday may be carried over to the 2024 holiday period, and you may only carry over holiday by agreement with your manager. However, the situation is different if you are or have been unable to take your holiday due to a holiday obstacle (such as illness or parental leave). If you are unable to take any or some of the first four weeks/20 days of holiday to which you are entitled by December 31 2023 due to a holiday obstacle, any of the days you are unable to take will automatically of your absence administrator be carried over to be taken in 2024. However, if you wish to carry over any holiday from the fifth week, you must make an agreement with your manager.

If you have a fraction of a day of holiday (for example 0.64 of a day) the fraction of a day of holiday from the current holiday year will automatically be carried over to the 2024 holiday period, provided that you have taken at least four weeks of holiday in the holiday period. In other words, you do not have to make a request to get the fraction of a day carried over, and it will not be possible to request payment in lieu.

What will happen to accrued holiday after 31 December 2023?

If you have already taken the first four weeks/20 days of the holiday you have accrued in the 2022-23 holiday year but are still owed additional holiday, you will receive payment in lieu for these days if you do not make an agreement to have them carried over so that you can take them in 2024.  AU’s staff policy is for employees to take their holiday; payment in lieu is only an option in exceptional cases. An agreement to have this accrued holiday carried over, must be made with your manager by 31 December 2023. On the other hand, any days from the first four weeks of holiday accrued in the 2022-23 holiday year that you do not take by December 31 2023 will be lost, unless your failure to take your holiday is due to a holiday obstacle. This is due to an EU directive that states that all employees must take four weeks of holiday in a holiday year unless prevented from doing so by a holiday obstacle (sickness or maternity/paternity leave). 

Holiday from another employer

If you wish to have the 5th Holiday week paid out from another employer before 31 December 2023, without taking the holiday, Feriepengeinfo will ask for an agreement with your employer (AU). AU does not enter into the above-mentioned agreements on disbursement of the fifth holiday week, as AU's staff policy stipulates that holiday must be taken. If you do not take the fifth holiday week before 31 December 2023, you can have your holiday paid out without an agreement with AU after 31 December 2023. Read more at