SLS reclassifications

Reclassification in the payroll system in general

On 1 September 2012, the registration practice in the payroll system was changed for most employees as regards information for use when recording payroll costs in the university's accounting system.

It is an exception that reclassifications need to be carried out in the payroll system.

A reclassification in the payroll system is a change in the information about an employee which concerns internal conditions at the university.

The reclassification therefore has no impact on the employee's pay.

Reclassifications concern information on payroll postings and job types.

Guide to reposting in SLS

Read instruction for reposting in SLS (state pay system)

Constains descriptions of the background of the 4 reposting forms and their use and the description of the Payroll Offices deadlines.

Guide for reposting in SLS