In connection with disbursement of salary, AU collects tax information from SKAT (the Danish Customs and Tax Administration). If you are a salaried employee, AU will collect your deduction Card. If you are an hourly-paid employee e.g. a co-examiner or student assistant, AU will automatically collect your secondary Card unless you inform us that you want to use your deduction Card.

If it is not possible to collect your tax Card electronically, 55% in taxes and 8% in Labour market contribution will be deducted from your salary.

It is possible to ask to get the tax rate Card increased or to change whether your deduction Card or your secondary Card is used. It is only possible to change the tax rate Card once during a calendar year. Please contact either AU HR, Payroll or HR at your administration centre to change your tax rate.

Contact to SKAT

For questions about Tax, you can call SKAT on +45 72 22 28 28

Opening hours for the phone on SKATs homepage