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> Election countdown 
Dean Thunø's column


> Upcoming elections at Arts
Countdown: The structure and composition of the new academic councils, PhD committees and boards of studies has been decided - and elections are around the corner. Read about the new representative forums (in Danish)


> Consultation on the organisation of departments at Arts
The consultation on the structure of Arts' three departments will last until the end of September. Read ”Høringsforslag til ny institutstruktur” (in Danish)


> Interim AU occupational health and safety liaison committee (HSU)
An interim HSU has been established which will sit until early November 2011, until representatives to the new AU occupational health and safety liaison committee are elected this autumn.


> PhD scholarships at Arts
The Graduate School at Arts is offering PhD scholarships (4-+ and 5-3) in all eight graduate programmes which are available as of 1 February 2012.  The application deadline is  3 October 2011 at noon. Call for applications (in Danish).


> Heads of graduate programmes at Arts appointed
The heads of the eight graduate programmes at Arts have been appointed. This means that the organisation of the graduate school has been finalised.


> Moving schedule
Find out which Arts technical/administrative staff members are moving and when (in Danish).