Exam results to be registered online

In future, all exam results must be entered into the online “STADS VIP” system. See how in this article.

Photo: Henrik Olesen

Procedure for the online registration of exam results

  • Every time lecturers/assessors are involved in an exam, they will receive a direct email with a link to STADS VIP along with a video instruction (in Danish) and a written instruction (in Danish and English)
  • The instructions can also be found on www.au.dk/en/stads
  • The staff at Aarhus University must select “Institution logon” at the logon site. Assessors from other institutions must select “NemID”


Access to STADS VIP

The system can be accessed in the following ways:

Some exam results will be registered according to the previous procedure until the end of the year, but those involved will be notified directly.

Purpose of online registration of exam results

The new direct registration makes it possible for assessors to register marks anywhere in the world and for students to access them immediately. This will speed up the process from marking to publication of the results. Additionally, the fact that information no longer has to be delivered in writing before being registered will limit the number of errors.

The online registration of results is already a well-known procedure at the university, but the entry module itself is new to everyone.