New web at the Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts has now gained a foothold on Aarhus University's redesigned website. Information moves from the former department and faculty websites to the three web universes intended for respectively staff, students and external interested parties.

The websites of the former departments at Arts have so far provided a lot of different information intended for different target groups. This is now history. With the new structure, information will be directed at either staff, students or external interested parties.

The department's new public image

The external departmental websites are intended for target groups outside the university. Here the department can display its qualities and inform about new research, study programmes, programme profiles, collaboration with business partners, etc. This is also where representatives of the press and media can find the expert and the good story. The external sites will gradually be updated with new information as the departments' strategy work progresses. The English version of the website is presently a "light" version, which will also gradually be extended.

To view the individual departments' websites, click below:

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Staff information available through one site

Information for staff has been collected in one single place to be accessed through the Faculty of Arts' staff portal. Here you'll find internal and external news from the Dean's Office, the administration and the departments, including information about internal events, moving plans, administrative service, etc.

Students' portal

Students will from now on find information about, for example,  guidance, curriculum, student life and campus news on websites that are not hosted by the different departments. The joint Students' Portal at Arts, like the physical Studies Centre at Arts, will be the future contact point. Here all information about service for students will be harmonised and organised according to the needs of the students.