New interdisciplinary Circle U. network on sustainability

A new international research collaboration focusing on sustainability has been initiated within the framework of Circle U. The goal is to promote young people’s perspectives on global challenges.

Four researchers from the University of Oslo, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Aarhus University have joined forces to launch a new project aimed to develop participatory narrative methods to promote young people’s perspectives on global challenges.

“I’m really looking forward to working with my research colleagues from Oslo and Berlin. Altogether, we have conducted research into a wide range of topics: narratives as a method, global health, climate narratives, sustainability and risk. The funding from Circle U. to establish an ITRN network (Interdisciplinary Thematic Research Network, ed.)  gives us the opportunity to strengthen our collaboration and contribute new knowledge”, says Associate Professor Antoinette Fage-Butler from the School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University.

“Risk, future narratives and sustainability: Students’ perspectives from 3 Circle U. universities” is the title of the Circle U. project, which runs from January to June 2023. The purpose of the project is to focus on students from the three participating universities.

“Nine students, three from each university, will be the focal point of the project. It is the students’ narratives about sustainability that we want to promote. Our goal as researchers is to create a forum for the students’ creativity and critical thinking, and we will make sure that the students’ future narratives are kept alive in different ways through publications and applications,” says Antoinette Fage-Butler.

The Circle U. project is an extension of a monograph which she is currently writing on global risks, discourses and accountability. The monograph investigates institutional communication about the pandemic and climate change and is funded by the Carlsberg Foundation.

About Circle U.

Circle U. is a university alliance between Aarhus University and eight universities in other European countries. The alliance works to facilitate internationalisation and create new connections between research, education and innovation.