The Arts Newsletter 20 December

News from and about Arts


  • The Dean's Christmas Letter
  • Four new MSO professors appointed 
    Four new professors with special reponsibilities (MSO) have been appointed for a five-year term which will begin on on 1 January 2012.  These special professorships are intended to strengthen AU's research activities in fields with great potential for development.
  • DKK 30 fund Danish Digital Humanities Laboratory (in Danish)
    For a number of years, researchers and students in other countries have been working to integrate digital resources, techniques and objects of research with humanities scholarship in experimental laboratory environments, a trend which has become known as Digital Humanities. Thanks to a major research grant, a Danish Digital Humanities Laboratory (DIGHUMLAB) will now be established. DIGHUMLAB is a national consortium of Danish universities which will be headed by Aarhus University.
  • Arts library to be established (in Danish)
    The new joint Nobel Library at Arts will be established in summer 2012. Information on the moving process will be posted on this page, where you can also contribute proposals and comments on the new Arts library.
  • Aarhus University to implement new e-mail addresses and a new e-mail system
    In the course of 2012, Aarhus University will implement a new joint e-mail and calendar system:   Microsoft Exchange 2010 (Outlook 2010).
  • New web at Arts
    The departments at Arts now have new websites. New studies and staff portals have also been created; information for students and staff will be available on these dedicated sites from now on. Old webpages will only be updated as long as their contents have not been moved to the new website. 
  • Arts receives millions in grants to support new research projects and centres (in Danish)
    From China's road from grammophone records to MP3 players to diseases that become contagious on the internet: researchers at Arts have received AU Ideas grants to explore bright new research ideas. 
  • Six Arts PhD students receive travel grants (in Danish)
    These grants will enable six PhD students to seek inspiration abroad.  Ferdinand Salling's Memorial Foundation has awarded DKK 150,000 to a PhD student from Aesthetics and Communication. The other five grant recipients will each receive DKK 20,000 from the Idella Foundation.