Booking of rooms at the Faculty of Arts

The Arts Studies Administration is responsible for booking rooms for teaching activities, exams and ad hoc acitivities. If you need to change the booking for a scheduled class or if you need to book a room for extra teaching activities or other activities, please contact the relevant team in the Arts Studies Administration: 

If you are employed at the Dean’s office, ACA, or another part of AU, please contact

Remember that you also need to register teaching activities that do not take place in a classroom (supervision in connection with courses, excursions, visits to exhibitions, which are part of the teaching etc.). That will make it possible to make the activity visible in the students’ schedule as a part of the course. Furthermore, the university gets a true picture of the scope of teaching on the individual courses.

It is important that you notify the Studies Administration if you are not using a booked room to ensure that the students’ timetable is accurate.