Teaching evaluation

Course/teaching evaluation

At the Faculty of Arts, the degree programmes are evaluated at several levels: final evaluation with the students for each course/module, an annual status review for each degree programme and the yearly degree programme evaluation of the entire degree programmes.

Find more information about the evaluation:

International electives and Summer University

Here you will find guidelines for how to submit proposals for international electives and courses for Summer University.

Participation in teaching activities without registration

Access to courses at the Faculty of Arts is reserved for students who are registered for these courses and exams.

Others may, subject to agreement with the teacher, attend a small number of classes or lectures. This agreement must be made before the class or lecture in question.

Accounts of working hours

Read more about accounts of working hours and Vip-O-Matic on the departments' staff pages:

Arts Study Portal

Find information about registration deadlines and procedures and general rules at the faculty of Arts:

Please note: These websites are aimed at students.

Language policy at Arts (language of teaching and examination)


The timetables show you where and when your classes are held. The timetables are prepared prior to the start of each semester and will be available on 20 December and 1 July, respectively. 

Attendence registration

Brightspace and Qwickly

Here you can find guidance and support for Brightspace and Qwickly (attendance registration):

General rules, ministerial orders and laws in the field of education

In the academic regulations, the structure, rules and competence profiles of the degree programmes are described.

Find the academic regulations for the individual degree programmes via the search function:

Booking of rooms

The Arts Studies Administration is responsible for booking rooms for teaching activities and exams. If you need to change the date or time of a single lesson or book a classroom for an extra lesson (ad-hoc booking), please contact the Arts Studies Administration.

Teaching material

  • Read more about copyright and find Copydan agreements etc. on the AU Library website:

Teaching and exam periods

Spring 2023/summer exams 2023

  • Period of teaching: 1 February – 23 May
  • Ordinary Exam: 24 May – 30 June
  • Re-examination: 1 – 31 August