Thesis supervision

Formal requirements and deadlines

Here you will find links to important information about the thesis and thesis process, which students can find on the Study Portal.

Formal requirements, deadlines, assessment deadlines, etc.

Below you will find links to important pages on the Study Portal where students can find information about formalities and deadlines related to the thesis:

GDPR and data protection

Students can find information about the handling of personal data in connection with assignments and thesis on the Study Portal.


Good advice and guidance for thesis supervisors

Being a thesis supervisor is a big task, but also an exciting task. Whether you are preparing to supervise your first Master’s thesis or whether you are an experienced thesis supervisor, you may have questions and doubts. Therefore, we have gathered some good advice, guidelines and links that may be of help.

There may also be a subject-specific description of how to work with Master’s theses on your degree programme. To get this, however, you should contact your head of department or the Master’s thesis coordinator on your degree programme.

Online supervision

Video meetings limit your options as you cannot use the entire room but only the area shown by the camera. Therefore, you should consider how you as a teacher appear on the screen, and use the necessary tools to make up for the lack of physical presence and movement. Think about your body language, your facial expressions, gestures and tone of voice, for example. 

  • Cable internet is recommended (it might be necessary to move closer to the router).
  • Check the connection well in advance, and press “mute” on the channel.
  • It may be an advantage to use earplugs.
  • Check your settings to see whether your microphone works.
  • It is a good idea to turn off your microphone when you are not speaking.

Test the connection before the video meeting or online teaching session begins. 

Tips for conducting successful online meetings:

Master’s thesis collaboration with a company or an organisation

Find information about thesis collaborations at Arts and how to supervise them here:


Information and services for students

Information for students about the process of writing the Master’s thesis

It is always a good idea to know your co-player. Some students have read everything there is to read about the Master’s thesis on the study portal. Others may never have visited the study portal. If students ask a lot of questions about the process and the administrative aspects, refer them to the study portal. Here you can also gain insight into the guidance that students receive on the study portal.

The library’s services for Master’s thesis students

Find inspiration in other students’ Master’s theses in the AU project bank

Workshops and information meetings

Each semester, the student counsellors at Arts hold a number of Master’s thesis events to help students get off to a good start with their Master’s thesis.

For students who are stuck in the process of writing their Master’s thesis

Students may face many obstacles when writing their Master’s thesis, and often it has nothing to do with the thesis itself. Fortunately, there are many ways in which students can get help. 

Special support may be provided in connection with process planning, academic writing and formal requirements or more personal matters. Below we have gathered a number of links which you can encourage your students to visit.  

The Student Counsellors’ Office at the Faculty of Arts is a good place to start, as they are familiar with the challenges involved and can refer students to other services.

Career guidance – what happens when the Master’s thesis has been submitted?

The future career is an important factor for many students when writing their Master’s thesis. Arts Karriere offers help in this connection.

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