Aarhus BSS

Use your vote at this year’s university elections

[Translate to English:] Thomas Pallesen opfordrer alle medarbejdere til at stemme ved dette års universitetsvalg. Foto: Lars Kruse (AU Foto).

Dear employees,

This year, university elections will be held at Aarhus University. Here we must elect representatives for the AU Board and the academic councils - key bodies that contribute to setting the direction at both university and school level.

We have to elect three employee representatives for the board - two from the academic staff and one from the technical-administrative staff.

As members of the AU Board, they will play an important role in representing the employees’ interests at management level. The board is the university’s highest authority that establishes the framework of the university and sets the long-term goals for its activities and development. The board discusses and makes decisions on aspects such as budget and strategy.

At school level, we also have to elect 14 members for the academic council - 12 among the academic staff and two among the PhD students employed at the school. In addition, three observers must be elected from the technical-administrative staff. In the academic council, you as employees are ensured participation and involvement in discussions on academic matters such as the school’s strategy, budgets or recruitment policy.

I encourage you all to vote at this year’s university elections and thus leave your mark on the activities and future of Aarhus BSS and Aarhus University.

Kind regards,

Thomas Pallesen

Important dates in the 2019 University Elections

  • The final lists of candidates will be published on the election website on Thursday 7 November - Friday 8 November 2019.
  • You can vote from Monday 11 November at 9:00 to Thursday 14 November at 16:00.
  • The vote will be carried out electronically.
  • The election results will be published 18 - 20 November.
  • The newly elected members take up office on 1 February 2020.

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