Campus 2.0 rolling up its sleeves

In February, the AU board adopted the final master plan for the physical development of AU, including that of the new university city. The master plan was based on the many inputs obtained in last autumn’s consultation process. A number of processes for the faculties’ moving preparations have now been set in motion. Aarhus BSS is expected to move into the University City at the start of 2025.

2019.03.22 | Sinne B. Jakobsen

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The work now begins in terms of identifying the particular needs in the new university city right down to room level. The specific needs of Aarhus BSS must be identified before the summer holidays, and start-up meetings have just been held between AU Finance and Estates Projects and Development, FEAS, Rambøll, TRANSFORM and project participants from the school.

The identification of the school’s needs will be based on the many valuable inputs received in connection with last autumn’s consultation process combined with analyses of existing and future needs in relation to offices, lecture theatres, classrooms, areas for studying, conferences and events, library, places to eat etc. Employees and students will continuously be involved in the process during the spring.

After the summer holidays and towards November, technical descriptions of the needs will be prepared all the way down to room level. Afterwards, a turnkey contract will be offered in a tender process. Towards autumn 2020, there will be a round of negotiations with the contractors that have submitted a tender proposal.

Throughout the process and towards the move, relevant forums and the departments will be kept informed. In addition, information about the process will be communicated through the school’s Campus 2.0 website.

If you have any questions regarding Campus 2.0, please contact:

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