Increased focus on external funding

In the future, academic staff at Aarhus must have access to more academic and administrative support when applying for external funding. For this reason, the faculty management team has just appointed a committee consisting of VIPs from across the school, and Dean Thomas Pallesen and Vice-dean Per Baltzer Overgaard will be visiting the departments in the near future to discuss opportunities and initiatives.

It should be easier to apply for external funding at Aarhus BSS. Photo: AU Foto

Attracting external funding has become a inescapable part of life as a researcher. And for many reasons. External funding contributes to strengthening the profile of the individual researcher, ensuring the financial situation of the departments and enhancing the profile of the school in an increasingly tough international competition.

However, attracting external funding is a time-consuming process which requires a targeted effort from the individual researcher but also from the departments and the school. For this reason, the faculty management team is now exploring how the school and the departments can provide better support for researchers in their attempt to attract external funding.

Specific initiatives

As part of the work, a committee has been appointed consisting of VIPs from across the school, Vice-dean Per Baltzer Overgaard and Dean Thomas Pallesen. The committee’s task will be to exchange experiences and launch different initiatives. In addition, the dean and vice-dean have just kicked of a tour of the departments with external funding as the topic of discussion.

“We would really like to hear more about what the individual departments are currently doing to attract external funding and what initiatives they have planned,” says Per Baltzer Overgaard. “We will also be discussing new opportunities and initiatives - and our discussions will provide input for how we can make it easier and more attractive for the individual researcher to apply for external funding in the future.”

The tour of the departments ends in the middle of June, while the VIP committee will be meeting up on a regular basis.

The VIP committee consists of the following members:

Prof. Birgitte Egelund Olsen, Dept. of Law
Prof. Klaus G. Grunert, Dept. of Management
Prof. Christoffer Green-Pedersen, Dept. of Political Science
Prof. Nabanita Datta Gupta, Dept. of Economics and Business Economics
Prof. Peter Lindgren, Dept. of Business Technology and Development
Prof. Dorthe Berntsen, Dept. of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences
Vice-dean Per Baltzer Overgaard
Dean Thomas Pallesen.