Strategic priorities at Aarhus BSS in 2024-2025

In mid-November 2023, the faculty management team held its annual strategy seminar discussing the strategic objectives of both the individual departments and the overall school.
Prior to the seminar, each department developed a white paper outlining activities and strategic priorities for the upcoming year.

Two overarching topics formed the agenda for the strategy seminar: the political agreement on the master’s reform and research evaluation which  is planned to be carried out by all faculties at AU during 2024/2025.

The programme also included a broader discussion of the future priorities and activities of each department and the overall Aarhus BSS based on the departments’ white papers and the executive team’s input on school-specific initiatives expected to be prioritised throughout 2024-2025.

Based on the discussions, the faculty management team decided on the following t strategic priorities at Aarhus BSS in 2024 and 2025:

  • Following the outcome of the national reform of master’s degrees, Aarhus BSS will develop its master’s programmes accordingly with the clear objective to maintain the high quality of research-based teaching and secure study progression and labour market relevance for our graduates.
  • Continued focus on reducing dropout rates at bachelor’s level and maintaining high quality of student intake.
  • Focused external funding initiatives aimed at:
    • improving success rates from the EU and other attractive foundations in Denmark
    • funding opportunities of educational and research infrastructure from the business community
  • Evaluation of research quality at the departments. The process should contribute to discussions of quality in research and development of the academic environments.
  • Draft an action plan for internationalisation initiatives for 2024/2025.
  • Revise the school’s corporate branding profile and marketing initiatives to support the Aarhus BSS' strategy.