Successful international accreditation visits

In September and October, the two international accreditation bodies EFMD and AMBA visited Aarhus BSS. The visits went according to plan, and both accreditation panels were extremely impressed by the committed employees, students, alumni and employers they met during their time at Aarhus BSS. Now the school is awaiting the accreditation bodies’ decision on whether or not Aarhus BSS can maintain its EQUIS and AMBA accreditations.

This autumn’s two accreditation visits at Aarhus BSS have now taken place and both went according to plan. The EQUIS panel visit took place on 19-21 September, and the AMBA panel, which focused particularly on the MBA programme, visited the school on 21 and 11 October. During the visits, both panels had ample opportunity to talk to the school’s management team, employees, students and employer panels. Based on the visits, the two accreditation bodies must now decide whether or not Aarhus BSS can maintain its current international EQUIS and AMBA accreditations. 

The next step?

The EQUIS accreditation panel is currently developing its evaluation report, which among other things includes the panel’s final recommendation. The evaluation report forms the basis of the discussion on the EFMD Accreditation Board. In mid-December, the board will make its final decision on whether or not Aarhus BSS can maintain its current EQUIS accreditation.

The AMBA accreditation panel has six weeks to complete its evaluation report before this is presented to the AMBA International Accreditation Advisory Board. The entire process is expected to be completed no later than eight weeks after the panel visit. The AMBA accreditation is awarded for a three or five-year period.

Another accreditation visit in sight

At the end of 2018, the school must submit its next major international self-evaluation report, as the AACSB pays a re-accreditation visit to Aarhus BSS in March 2019. AACSB stands for the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, and in 2013  Aarhus BSS achieved the five-year AACSB accreditation.

If you want to know more about the accreditation process, please contact:

Dean Thomas Pallesen
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Head of International Accreditation Lone Sannemann Jacobsen
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