Organisation of business collaboration

To support efforts to increase business collaboration, the university established five business committees: one university-wide and one at each faculty. The five new business committees were created in order to improve the coordination of business partnership-related cross-faculty activities and the internal dialogue between a faculty,  its departments (Aarhus BSS, HE and ST)/schools (Arts) and university management level.

Senior management level

The senior management team and the deans of the faculties sit on the central committee, which involves relevant vice-deans, key academic personnel and administrative functions as needed. 

A coordination group provides the Business Committee with administrative support. The group is headed by Kirsten Jensen, head of the Office of Business Collaboration, and includes representatives from the faculties, AU Student Administration and Services and AU Research Support and External Relations. Administrative report for the coordination group is provided by a staff member from the Office of Business Coordination.

Faculty level

The faculties have organised their business committees in different ways to reflect local needs and opportunities. Each department (Aarhus BSS, HE and ST)/school (Arts) has also appointed a business engagement partner (Arts, Aarhus BSS and Health) or a business committee with a chair (ST) whose role is facilitate contact to the faculty’s researchers and students and maintain the department’s/school’s business partnership website.

Faculty level


The Dean’s Office is the business committee. The responsibility is divided between the degree programmes, the graduate school and the research committees at the schools.

Adviser in the Dean’s Secretariat: Katrine Solvang Larsen.


Knowledge sharing and coordination of the business engagement partners’ activities at faculty level.

Contact person: Andreas Kambskard

Collaboration website for Faculty of Health

Aarhus BSS

The faculty’s business committee: The Dean’s Office, six department heads, Division Manager Aase Bak. Vice-dean Per Baltzer Overgaard is chair of the committee.

Contact person: advisor Azra Zukanovic.


 The faculty’s business committee: Fifteen members from the departments and centres (the business engagement partners).

Vice-dean Kurt Nielsen is chair.

Special adviser: Jørgen Brøchner Jespersen.

Department/school level


Ulrik Brandi, Associate professor, Danish School of Education - Education Studies, Emdrup
Peter Lauritsen, Professor with Special Responsibilities, School of Communication and Culture - Information Science

Aarhus BSS

Peter Munk Christiansen, Professor, Head of Department, Department of Political Science
Jacob Kjær Eskildsen, Head of Department, Department of Management
Anders Frederiksen, Professor, Department of Business Development and Technology
Kristina Risom Jespersen, Associate professor, Department of Economics and Business Economics
Lars Larsen, Professor with Special Responsibilities, Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences
Mette Neville, Professor, Department of Law


Thomas Bull Andersen, Associate professor, Department of Public Health - Sport Science
Helle Hornhaver, Coordinator postgraduate education, Department of Dentistry and Oral Health - Oral Health Care
Christian Lindholst, Head of Department, Department of Forensic Medicine - Retskemisk
Claus Elsborg Olesen, Senior Researcher, Department of Biomedicine - Forskning og uddannelse, Vest
Rubens Spin-Neto, Associate professor, Department of Dentistry and Oral Health - Section for Oral Radiology
Martin Vesterby, !!Director, Innovation and Research, Department of Clinical Medicine - INNO X Health

Natural Sciences

Ira Assent, Professor, Department of Computer Science
Esben Auken, Adjunct Professor, Department of Geoscience
Peter Balling, Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Annette Bruhn, Senior Researcher, Department of Bioscience - Marine Ecology
Kim Daasbjerg, Professor, Department of Chemistry
Rodrigo Labouriau, Senior Researcher, Department of Mathematics
Finn Skou Pedersen, Professor, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics - Gene Expression and Gene Medicine

Technical Sciences

Birte Boelt, Senior Researcher, Department of Agroecology - Crop Health
Annette Bruhn, Senior Researcher, Department of Bioscience - Marine Ecology
Andy Drysdale, Team Leader, Department of Engineering - Business Relations and Partnerships, Navitas
Anja Skjoldborg Hansen, Chief Consultant, DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy
Knud Erik Bach Knudsen, Professor, Department of Animal Science - ANIS Nutrition
Mikael Bergholz Knudsen, Development Manager, Aarhus University School of Engineering - Electronics and computer technology
Hans Sanderson, Senior Researcher, Department of Environmental Science - Environmental chemistry & toxicology
Jette Feveile Young, Associate professor, Science Team Leader, Department of Food Science - Differentiated & Biofunctional Foods