Learn more about the app’s functions on this webpage.

Sign up to the carpooling club at AU

Once you have downloaded the Ta’Med app, it’s easy to join the carpooling club at AU. Go into your Account and then click on:

  1. My company / school
  2. Add
  3. Type in: Aarhus University and select your nearest location
  4. Use the password “AURide” to get access to the carpooling club at AU

Select whether you are a passenger or a driver

You can change between driver and passenger roles in the app, which means that you can be either a passenger or a driver when investigating possible trips. But remember to select either driver or passenger before you send a request to one of your matches. You do this by going into the Trip function and clicking on:

  1. Match
  2. My role


Create a trip

In your Account, you can set up your usual commute and save it as your standard trip. This trip will repeat every work day. The app will automatically suggest a route (outward or return), but you can change this.

To do so, go into your Account and click on:

  1. My usual trip
  2. Click on Outward route or Return route
  3. Select your preferred route

You can also turn on the Prediction function under Account and My preferences. This allows to the app to monitor your location whilst you commute and to suggest better routes or better matches for you – which you will see after a few weeks. By going into your Account and clicking on Edit my profile, you can also say how many passengers you are able to offer lifts to.

Changing your standard trip

You can also make changes to your standard trip in your Account. For example, you can:

  • delete weekdays from your standard trip
  • change the time of departure
  • change the meeting point
  • put your standard trip on hold – if you are going on holiday, for example

Changing a scheduled trip

Perhaps you need to make changes to a trip that has already been scheduled. You can do this by going into Trips and clicking on:

  1. The three black dots in the top-right corner.
  2. Edit this trip
  3. Now you can change the trip’s point and time of departure and arrival.

Charge money – or offer a free trip

It’s up to you whether you charge for your trip or whether you offer a free lift to your passengers. You can turn on the free function by going into your Account and clicking on:

  1. My preferences
  2. Carpool angel


Find a trip

Under Trips you can see whether there is a carpooler near you. If there is, you will receive a notification – which you can use to make a connection.

Verify your trip

Your trip will only be included in yours and AU’s combined carpooling statistics if you – as a passenger – verify your trip. Verifying your trip also means that the driver can get paid and that you can take part in the app’s reward scheme, which offers good prizes. 

You do this by clicking on:

  1. Start (you can do this 15 minutes before the time of departure for your trip. When you click Start, you activate the app’s GPS and can see the driver’s location on the route).
  2. Verify (when you get in the car).

Paying the driver

You need to add a payment card in order to pay for your trips. To do this, go into your Account, click on Payment method and enter your payment card details. Payment will occur automatically for each paid trip. You just need to verify the trip every time you get in the car.

Need help?

If you have questions, you’re welcome to get in touch.


  • If you have questions about the Ta’Med app, please contact FDM’s support team at
  • If you have questions about the university’s agreement with FDM, please contact programme director Andreas Stounbjerg at