Explorative lunch meeting: Cellular Food: Discussing the development of production, the business and societal dissemination and the citizen engagement

Cell based food will probably within ten years conquer a notable part of the food market, and most likely at first as an ingredient in plant based foods. In any case, we face a revolution both in the production of food and in the understanding of food as designed, as somewhat artificial and as pure creation without having to kill living organisms in order to acquire food.

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Torsdag 8. september 2022,  kl. 12:00 - 14:00


AIAS, Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 6B, Conference room 1630.301

The lunch will encourage open, cross-disciplinary dialogue and feature the following speed-talks:

Professor Lotte Bach Larsen (ciFOOD, Department of Food, Research group food chemistry) will present forms of cell-based milk in relation to issues of biotechnology and climate. She will present state of the art for start-ups internationally and discuss the semantic questions as to which terms one might use for the new kinds of technologies and products. The choice of terms is important for consumer acceptance, value ascriptions, and the formulation of laws and regulative for foods.

Head of Department of Anthropology, and head of Centre for Food Culture Studies FOCUS, Susanne Højlund Pedersen will, based on her anthropological research in food, elaborate questions about the challenges cell food raise. Our experience of food ties closely to local vs. global cuisines, terroir, cultural variations in tastes, personal memories, life histories, and many other features of what together makes up what we call “food culture”. In short, our understanding of food ties closely to the understanding of ourselves, as individuals and as co-citizens.

Proposing this lunch: Associate Professors Steen Brock and Mette Hansen, Stearing Group members of AU Food Platform, Lotte Bach Larsen, Professor Liisa Lähteenmäki, MAPP Centre, and Professor Espen Skipper Sørensen Cellular Health, Intervention and Nutrition.

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