Translation from Danish into English at Natural Sciences

Staff at Natural Sciences who need to translate texts from Danish to English can here find information on the faculty's translator agreement and contact information.

Aarhus University has entered into an agreement on procurement of external translation services from Danish into English. The agreement is valid from 15 November 2017 and is binding. The agreement does not affect translations provided by in-house employees.

Natural Sciences has entered into an agreement with two freelance translators, who in future will supply all of faculty and department external translations from Danish into English. Simon Scott Palmer from GlobalDenmark is the primary translator and Billy O'Shea from O'Shea Translations is the secondary translator.

The agreement means that all translations purchased externally must be ordered from GlobalDenmark. If they are unable to take the job because of holidays or being too busy, for example, then instead contact Billy O'Shea.

Contact information:

Global Denmark 

Simon Scott Palmer

Tel. 33 86 29 30

O’Shea Translations

Billy O'Shea

Tel. 29 86 05 55

Translation from English into Danish and other language tasks

The agreement only covers translation from Danish into English. However, GlobalDenmark also offer translation from English into Danish, proofreading (including scientific articles etc.) and editing. Contact for more information and prices, or write to  for other contacts.

How to order a translation

Send an email and attach the text to be translated to GlobalDenmark at Texts for translation should be editable - i.e. in MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel or similar (not PDF).

You can request a price estimate from the translator before ordering. Any estimates will be in accordance with the agreement and therefore they are non-negotiable.

Please provide the following information in your email:

  • Deadline
  • Any comments or special wishes
  • Any information about the target group for the text
  • Any reference files or websites that may help the translator, for example the scientific article that forms the basis for a press release, or other background information
  • The EAN number and contact person for invoicing.

After the translation has been ordered, you will receive a confirmation of receipt from GlobalDenmark by email. If GlobalDenmark cannot accept the job, then send an email to Billy O'Shea:


The translator will send the translated text back to the person who placed the order, unless otherwise agreed. When you receive the text, it is a good idea to run through it and note any comments or queries from the translator.

Translation takes time

Please note that you cannot expect translations to be done from day to day. So make sure that, as far as possible, you send your text for translation in good time. If you know that an urgent job is on the way, you can make a preliminary agreement with the translator so that they can reserve resources. If you have a text ready, which simply needs final approval, you can also send the draft for translation and send your final minor amendments later.

Important information about working with external translators

  • Let the translator know if you are in doubt about (parts of) the translation or have any feedback - e.g. from researchers. If the translator does not hear anything, then he will assume everything is okay.
  • If you change important parts (for example specialist terminology) of the translated text, it is recommended that you send the final version back to the translator so that he can update this in AU's translation memories. This will help us ensure that translators receive feedback on their translations and that they enter the correct terminology into the system for future use.
  • The translators are bound by a duty of confidentiality. However, it is a good idea to anonymise texts that contain sensitive personal data and/or confidential information, before sending them for translation.